Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Class

Everyone in the program is taking the same Art History class. It is taught by a native Parisian who is also a curator at Versailles. We meet in the Louvre every week for class. Sounds amazing, right? Well in theory, it is. Unfortunately the class is in the later afternoon and after having an early start to the day it is impossible to not be
tired while we stand for two hours straight looking at obscure paintings. No really, we do get to see some cool art; however, I was under the impression that we would be learning the history of famous pieces of art. Which I'm sure will happen soon enough. Our teacher, Valerie, is a funny little lady. She must have learned English from a Brit, because she uses British terminology. It seems as though she can speak more than she can understand. Sort of counterintuitive.

But I can't complain. First because I get to spend hours in the Louvre, have a student art card that grants me priority access so I don't have to wait in line. All for free. But second, because I leave the Louvre and see this:

Part of the class also requires us to go to the Chateau de Versailles.

We get backstage passes so we get to go into rooms that any old Regular Joe isn't allowed. We get to ignore roped off portions....

...stay after closing time and play in the Hall of Mirrors....

And enjoy the view.

Rough life.

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