Friday, January 29, 2010

L'Eglise Madeleine

The next day we decided to do a walk for our Paris Walks class. Which is exactly the way it sounds. We have set walks to do that were created by BYU professors. It's basically our own little tour guide. We get guided through the city without loo
king completely like tourists (i.e. a double-decker).
**I stole your picture Brooklyn. Hope you don't mind :)
The walk then took us to a very cute little Patisserie/Restaurant. It is called Ladurée. I highly recommend going there if you are ever in Paris. Even for the cute window displays alone.

The Ladurée is where these little delights were invented. Yep, invented. They have some bizarre flavors of macaroons. And it has the strongest taste. They have flavors anywhere from chocolate to rose. I got four flavors and by the time I got the chance to taste the rose I had to pass. I'm telling you, the flavor is very strong and rich. Not much of a fan myself.
Then we went to the musée du parfum. The museum tour was super boring. I'm pretty sure the tour guide who supposedly spoke English just memorized a script, because I tried to talk to her and she gave me a very doe-eyed look.
I've always known Paris as a place known for its amazing shopping. But even more so, its amazing window displays. Never before has window shopping been so fun.
Don't ask why this man is proposing to the other man. It turns out that in the series of windows the man was actually named "Mary". I don't think the French quite understand English...


  1. Ro, nobody comments on your blog. Post more pictures of food and gay mannequins and the comments will come pouring in. Ah ha ha ha.

    Come video chat!