Friday, January 29, 2010

Le Louvre

On day three we took the métro to the Louvre.
We live a good forty-five minutes outside of Paris so we see some pretty interesting people at the métro stations. There are so many people that just spend time in the tunnels, and this day we had a little friend on our train. Check it out:
**Sorry it is sideways

So... then we went to the Louvre. This was the first time (of actually looking at exhibits) of what has been about four now, and since I have a class that meets in the Louvre (I know, right?) there are many more visits to come. It seriously is so easy to get lost in that place. But it is really pretty. The art in it is really cool, obviously, but the building itself is really beautiful. Ariel and I looked at the Egyptian stuff this time. The Louvre houses so much art that each exhibit of art has enough to be in its own museum.

**The Sphynx

**The ceiling of part of the Louvre--amazing structure.

**My favorite. The Winged Victory. It's amazing in person.

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  1. What's The Winged Victory all about? It doesn't look too victorious to has not head!